The Divider Model

We build to order high quality displays to professionally showcase your animals. If requested, we also offer a variety of color options to uniquely represent your personal business. The edges of each model is heat treated to give a nice clean polish feel. Each display comes with 3 levels and a carrying case that effectively acts as a stand.

Along with being the most economic choice, the divider model is best for those who would like to show case geckos. You have the option to have up to 12 compartments for each level, which may also be appealing to those who are primarily interested in showcasing baby colubrids. The dividers are also removeable, which allows for the display of a little larger animals when necessary. There is a latch at the end, which gives you the option to add a lock to each level.

The divider model starts at $250


The cam lock model is currently our most popular model on the market and is used by many large name breeders across the country. The front is bent to allow the best view of your animals. Each compartment has an individual lock, to give you more peace of mind at the show.

The Cam Lock Model starts at $275 each

The Cam Lock Model

To place an order or for questions, email or Call or Text David at (704) 681-4629.

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